AquaDams® are portable dams filled with onsite water that can be installed wherever needed to control, contain, or divert the flow of water. AquaDams® consist of two basic components: two watertight inner polyethylene tubes which contain the water, and an outer or "master tube" made of a heavy duty geotextile woven polypropylene which holds the two inner tubes in contact when filled. The outer and inner tubes combine to form an AquaDam®. This picture shows a cut away section illustrating the relationship between the inner and outer tubes of a typical filled AquaDam®.

To install an AquaDam®, onsite water is pumped into the two inner tubes. The durable woven outer tube confines the water-inflated inner tubes and prevents them from moving away from each other. The counter friction / hydraulic pressure between the inner tube and the outer tube, along with the mass and weight of the water, creates pressure and stabilizes the AquaDam®, even when lateral water pressure is exerted against it. Due to the inherent flexibility of the materials used in their construction, AquaDams® will conform to most surfaces, providing an excellent seal and keeping water seepage to a minimum.

AquaDams® come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 to 16 feet in height when inflated. AquaDams® come in standard lengths of 50 or 100 feet, and these are available for immediate shipment. However, any length can be fabricated, and shorter, longer, or irregular lengths are available with notice. Using attachment collars, two or more AquaDams® can be joined together to form a continuous dam of any necessary length. AquaDams® are joined together by a patented coupling collar connection (standard with each AquaDam®). Large and small AquaDams® can be used in conjunction with each other, making the possible configurations almost endless. They can be used in a straight line, to form an arc, or to encircle an area. AquaDams® can also be connected at angles to each other, as necessitated by the job requirements. AquaDams® are usually assembled at the factory and shipped rolled and ready for use at the job site. However, it is not unusual to assemble larger AquaDams® on site. A typical AquaDam® consists of the "master tube" and a pair of inner tubes rolled up on a wooden or metal core. In many instances, the core also plays an important part in the installation, rerolling, and transportation of AquaDams®.


  • Cofferdams for dewatering construction sites
  • Water diversion in rivers and wetlands
  • Water containment
  • Flood control
  • Erosion control through diversion or containment of flowing water
  • Water storage
  • Boat ramp dewatering
  • Pond liner repair dewatering
  • Bridge pier repair
  • Pipeline crossings
  • Water intake structures for municipalities
  • Water discharge structures
  • Fish habitat improvement
  • Silt containment, sediment collection, or settling ponds
  • Levees, levee toppings
  • Hazardous material or chemical spills (containment)
  • Temporary foot causeway through environmentally sensitive areas
  • Wetlands management

The old ways of earthen fill discharges and expensive sheet piling have been the historic ways of working in waterways. These methods are environmentally detrimental, time consuming, and expensive because of their reliance on heavy equipment.

Water filled cofferdams make the ideal water control structure for construction sites. Onsite water is pumped into an AquaDam®, which unrolls due to the water pressure inside it and can be installed in hours in most applications, without causing damage to the aquatic environment. Complete dewatering of the work site can be achieved to form and pour concrete, remove sediments, and install geotextiles.

When used for flood control and augmenting levees, for example, AquaDams® are much more effective than sandbags. They can be installed far quicker, at a fraction of the cost, without all the foot traffic associated with labor-intensive sandbagging, and best of all AquaDams® are reusable.

The amount of water that can be stored in a standard 4 foot AquaDam®, with a width of 10 feet and a length of 100 feet (filled to capacity), is about 25,000 gallons. AquaDams® are durable, long lasting, and with proper installation and removal can be stored and used again and again. Should an inner tube develop a leak, patching tape is available. If necessary, replacement tubes are available from Aqua Dam, Inc.®. AquaDams® are relatively easy to install, requiring only a couple of portable pumps, an onsite water supply, and two or more laborers depending on the size of the AquaDam®.