The Old Way Versus The AquaDam® Way

Earthen fill discharges and expensive sheet piling have been the historic way of working in waterways. These methods are environmentally detrimental, time consuming and expensive due to their reliance on heavy equipment and a large workforce.

When used for construction sites - Onsite water is pumped into the Aquadam® which unrolls due to water pressure filling the tubes. In most applications, the dam can be installed in hours, using a couple of portable pumps, an onsite water supply and two or more laborers (depending on the size and length of the dam)…without causing damage to the aquatic environment. Complete dewatering of the work site can be achieved to form and/or pour concrete, remove sediment and install geotextile.

When use for water storage – Installed the same way as other applications, except filled with potable water. A standard 4 foot AquaDam®, with a width of 10 feet and length of 100 feet (filled to capacity) will hold 25,000 gallons of water. The units are long lasting and with proper installation and removal can be stored and used repeatedly.

Should an inner tube develop a leak, patching tape is available and repair time is minimal. If necessary, replacement tubes are available from Aqua Dam Inc.

"AquaDams® are much more effective than sandbags because they can be installed quicker, at a fraction of the cost, without the foot traffic associated with labor-intensive sandbagging…and they're re-usable"